What is the process of ordering a custom-made suit online?

-The process involves selecting your preferred fabric, style, and measurements, entering your details, and completing the payment. Our system then uses your measurements to create a custom-fit suit just for you.

How accurate are the measurements?

-The accuracy of the measurements depends on the precision of the measurements you provide. We recommend you to get measured by a professional tailor or use a measuring tape to ensure the most accurate results.

Can I make changes to the design after placing my order?

Changes to the design can be made up until the suit enters production. However, please note that changes made after the suit enters production may result in additional fees or delay the delivery time.

How long does it take to receive my custom-made suit?

The production time for a custom-made suit is typically 4-6 weeks. Delivery time may vary depending on your location.

How much does a custom-made suit cost?

The cost of a custom-made suit depends on the fabric, style, and additional options selected. Our suits start at $500, and the price can increase depending on the options you choose.

What if you need to change the details of an order you just placed?

please send an email to our customer support team right away. Let them know what changes you would like to make. Because orders can move into production quickly, it’s important to let us know as soon as possible so we can make the changes before the fabric is cut.

What is your return policy for custom-made suits?

Custom-made suits are made to your specific measurements and cannot be resold, so we do not accept returns. However, if there is a problem with your order, please contact us, and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

What is the warranty on a custom-made suit?

Our custom-made suits come with a one-year warranty covering any defects in the craftsmanship.

What fabrics do you offer for custom-made suits?

We offer a wide range of high-quality fabrics, including wool, linen, and cotton, in different weights and patterns. Our fabric swatch book is available to view online, and our team is available to assist you in selecting the perfect fabric for your suit.

Do you offer made-to-measure and bespoke suits?

No,We do not offer standard sizes. All our garments are made to measure, .Our made-to-measure suits are based on your specific measurements,

I would like to order a present for another person. What should I do?

If you’d like to order a gift for someone else, simply update your profile with their shipping address. This is especially important if they live in a different country, as different currencies and VAT rates may apply. Once the parcel has been sent, don’t forget to change the address back to your own.

How do I re-order the same design with just a few clicks, without having to start from scratch?

To easily reorder with the same design, simply log in to your customer account, go to previous orders, and click on the garment you want to reorder. The option “shirt/Blazer/etc. into designer” will appear, click on it and the garment will appear in the designer. You can then make any desired changes or directly add the garment to your shopping cart. If certain fabrics or design options are not available, a pop-up window will notify you.